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Wells Fargo Foundation Grant Award

Dear Viewers: We are very pleased to let you know CfAL has received a $5,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation. The grant will be used to help sustain our parent computer program for parents

A Child’s Wish

A computer at home to do school work and homework You can help change the

NewAlliance Foundation Grant Award

Dear Readers: In its efforts to help improve public school children’s education in the City

Math Stars Class of 2017

Dear Readers: The 4th grade student’s journey began on July 5th and after 5 weeks

IPTI Students Graduate

Dear Readers: We are very pleased to let you know that the initial group of


About CfAL

As a non-profit organization, CfAL is unique in that it uses the resources of technology to improve the education of public school children. All of its programs and projects are based on technology. Since its inception, CfAL’s programs have touched the lives of nearly 12,000 people (teachers, parents and their children). Read more

Vision & Mission

Our mission is clear; that is, to improve the education of public school children attending under-performing school districts in Connecticut. To achieve this mission, CfAL uses the resources of technology, and seeks collaborative partners who support and help achieve the mission. Read more


CfAL’s  strategy is to employ a holistic approach to improving children’s education. All our technology based programs and projects are used to educate teachers, students and parents. Read more


Concepts for Adaptive Learning is able to sustain its programs through generous donations from foundations, businesses, volunteers, an annual fundraiser, and individuals such as you.Many of CfAL’s day-to-day activities are accomplished through the work of volunteers. Read more


Thank you very much to the more than 200 guests who attended CfAL’s September 27th Annual Fundraiser. They came to enjoy an evening with great wines, scrumptious food, a silent auction with 70 attractive gifts and live entertainment. Donation will be used to improve New Haven Public Schools children’s education. Donation will be used to improve public school children’s education. Read more

Parents provided with computers
Increase in parents’ education involvement
increase in child grades
lives impacted