Pfizer Grant Award for Summer Math

Dear Readers:

We are very pleased that Pfizer Groton Laboratories recognizes the importance of our Summer Math program and has awarded CfAL with a $4,800 grant. This grant will be used to deliver our summer math program called Learning Math After School Can Be Fun.

With this grant, on July 5th, we will intervene and help improve the math literacy of  New Haven Public School students attending elementary schools in a few of the poorest neighborhoods of New Haven. CfAL will deliver 5 weeks of engaging math instruction to as many as 28 students.

We are thankful to Pfizer Inc. and Groton Laboratories for the financial support and for being our community partner, as we mutually strive to strengthen the New Haven community, by helping to improve disadvantaged public school children’s education and their quality of life.


CfAL Board of Directors