To Our Readers:

We are please to let you know the Carolyn Foundation has awarded CfAL with a $5,200 grant for our summer math program called Learning Math After School Can Be Fun.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are pleased and thankful to the Carolyn Foundation’s Board of Trustees for awarding this grant. The grant will be used to deliver 5 weeks of math instruction for up to twenty-eight 3rd and 4th students attending 4 elementary schools in the New Haven Public School district.

This program is a 5-week math intervention that has a proven record of improving the math literacy of underperforming third through fifth grade students, living in the impoverished  neighborhoods of New Haven. The record of success includes having improved students’ math literacy year over year by more than 30% in just 5 weeks.

We are delighted that the Carolyn Foundation is partnering with CfAL, as we mutually strive to improve students’ math literacy and long term academic outcomes.


CfAL Board of Directors