Dear Friends and Supporters:

On April 1st, Curtis Hill served his last day of a 16 year stewardship, as CfAL’s Executive Director. Through these past years, he worked tirelessly to help the organization improve public school children’s education in major urban centers throughout Connecticut, with major focus on New Haven.

With his help and that of many, many wonderful people, CfAL became a game changer in children’s lives and education. More than 12,000 people (teachers, students and parents) received the benefit of the organization’s programs.

For the next 2 months, Curtis will be assisting CfAL’s new Executive Director, Jennifer Ricker, as she learns the depth and breadth of CfAL, and goes about New Haven meeting as many friends, supporters, collaborators and partners as possible, and asking for their support. CfAL is very fortunate to have found Jennifer. She brings a wealth of experience having served as an Executive Director for an educational non-profit organization called Rain of Hope. Rain of Hope has afterschool programs that have brought Hope of new beginnings for hundreds of students in New Haven.

Rather than fade into the sunset, Curtis will remain on the CfAL Board of Directors and help guide the organization to a brighter future.

Please wish Jennifer every success in her new position with CfAL


CfAL Board of Directors