Connecticut Educational Partnership (CEP)

CEP is the alliance of school districts, corporations, foundations and other organizations. Members of CEP combine efforts for implementation of the revolutionary software – Intelligent Educational Suite (IES). It is a comprehensive platform for effective education reform based on artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

IES includes Intelligent Support Systems for students, parents, teachers and school administrators. The Intelligent Tutor – the heart of IES – educates every student individually in the classroom and at home, and feeds other IES support systems. IES will dramatically increase the effectiveness and educational outcome of CfAL’s programs.

The current goal of CEP is to invite several largest Connecticut corporations and foundations to become members of CEP and help fund development and testing the first version of IES and the Intelligent Math Tutor for the 3rd and 4th grades.

Under this arrangement, Screen Mentor would grant the State of Connecticut and all of its public school districts a perpetual irrevocable royalty free license to use IES and all its upgrades.

Current CEP Members

  • Concepts for Adaptive Learning (organizer and fiduciary of CEP)
  • Screen Mentor, Inc (creator of IES concept & owner of Intellectual Property)
  • PubSmarts, LLC (content developer)
  • New Haven Public Schools (21,000 students)
  • Hamden Public Schools (6,000 students)
  • New Haven Federation of Teachers (1,600 members)
  • Meriden Public Schools (9,000 students)
  • Gateway Community College (9,000 students)

Please address correspondence related to CEP to:

Curtis Hill, CfAL Executive Director, at or 203-410-3679.