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Board Member and Adviser


For the State of Connecticut, Mr. Feen has served as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Council of economic advisers, and was responsible for implementing the Department of Commerce, which has become the Economic Development Commission. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Connecticut Community Technical College System where he served as Chairman of Business and Industry. He served as Finance Chairman of the Connecticut Democratic Party for four years.

On the Federal level former Secretary of Labor Robert E Reich appointed Mr. Feen to the Employee Retirement Income Security Board (ERISA), and President Clinton appointed him Vice-Chairman of that Board. The Board is responsible for setting health care and retirement security policy and reported directly to Congress and the administration. He was responsible for suggesting a bill, which was implemented to teach personal finance in Connecticut public schools. President Clinton appointed Mr. Feen to the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts for the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts. He is currently a member of the Cardiovascular Research Board at Yale Medical School. He has received numerous awards and honors from the State of Israel and the general community. He is currently CEO of Feen Financial Futures LP in New Haven, CT.