Board Vice Chairperson

Sonila Bakiu is currently the Manager/ owner of S&T Deleading and Construction Company. S&T Deleading and Construction is one of only a handful of construction companies in the state, which is 100 percent female owned and operated. The company is based in New Haven, CT, and has been performing successful renovation services for the City of New Haven and other cities since 2011, now through the EERAP Program, Emergency Elderly Program and Lead Remediation Programs.

In addition to opening the construction company, Ms. Bakiu has been involved in the Real Estate industry for the past 15 years. She belongs to the New Haven Board of Realtors. Her responsibilities there include negotiating /executing contracts, office management, financial management, job costing, and proposals. She prepares Real Estate Summary documents, coordinating the approval of the negotiated terms with property owners and the final review of all leases amendments prior to execution of documents.

She works with low income families and provides quality, healthy, and safe affordable housing.