While 2019 is going to start winding down, the Giving Season is in full swing!  Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL), working to close the technology gap in New Haven, is asking the big question – how many more families can we serve in 2020?  This year our programs have served more than 200 New Haven residents, 90% of which have children attending New Haven Public Schools.  More than 175 of these families also received basic computer training and free desktop computers installed in their homes.  All of the families and children impacted by CfAL’s program are eligible for free or reeducated lunch.  With your support, we know we can do so much more!

CfAL’s programs are more than just receiving a free computer – CfAL programs empower families by expanding learning opportunities using technology.  Our latest statistics show that:

  • 45% of the adults who completed CfAL’s computer training program have found a job. (In fact, one individual recently received a promotion to create the company’s marketing materials after learning how to use Word in CfAL’s Technology & Computer Training program!)
  • Meanwhile, 65% of the adults continue online learning and skill building after completing our program and receiving a computer in the house.



As 90% of the adults in our program are also parents, we know that this statistic is so much more meaningful, because our program is helping families become more financially stable.  It is, therefore, not surprising that close to 78% of parents report that they are more engaged with their children’s education.  What is most exciting is that these same parents are reporting that their children use the computer nearly every day.  And, because of our program, roughly 94% of the children who have access to a computer in the home have improved their grades.

While we are proud of the number of families served this past year, it’s still not time to sit back and drink the eggnog!   According to a recent study from Data Haven, roughly 25,000 adults in New Haven don’t have a computer or tablet with internet access.  CfAL is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable community in New Haven, helping them gain access to technology and expand learning opportunities to the home.  With your support, we can increase access to technology for low-income families. 

CfAL’s programs are having an amazing impact on families – showcasing what happens when they have access to technology.  CfAL is dedicated to closing the technology gap for low-income families, and we will only be successful with partners such as you.  Giving at levels will have a great impact for CfAL’s families.  Here are some annual and monthly giving levels to consider:

    • $60 or $5 per month: Provides wireless adapters and access to internet services to 12 families
    • $120 or $10 per month: Provides a FREE computer to an additional household
    • $240 or $20 per month: Provides 10-hours of computer training to 20 participants!

This giving season, give the gift of technology – and help us empower more families to have access to technology and build their future!


Donations also accepted by mail!  Please make checks payable to Concepts for Adaptive Learning and mailed to:

Concepts for Adaptive Learning
5 Science Park, Suite 2C
New Haven, CT 06511