Dear Readers:

On behalf of the CfAL organization, we extend a very big and warm thank you to the NewAlliance Foundation for awarding CfAL with a $5,000 grant.

This generous grant will be used to sustain our parent computer program. The objectives of the program are to extend learning beyond the classroom and increase disadvantaged parents’ involvement in their children’s education at home. These objectives ultimately lead to their children having improved academic achievement.

With the technology tsunami sweeping across education, at schools and in homes, and every day that passes more and more students’ schoolwork is being required to be completed after school on a computer. Most of the homework is completed at home. Yet, students who do not have regular access to computers and the internet in the home are at a disadvantage to their more affluent peers.

Can you imagine life in 2016/2017 without a computer? Students who do not have access to computers at home are at a distinct disadvantage, making it much more difficult to compete and succeed in school and in life!

With this grant, CfAL will give computer training to 40 disadvantaged parents, and upon completing training, we will give these families a gently-used computer that we will install in their home. To support their use of the computer, we will also give them a year of technical support.

Thank you to the NewAlliance Foundation Board of Directors and staff for being a steadfast community partner. Our partner strives to strengthen the community it serves through literacy and education.

CfAL Board of Directors