Dear Readers:

On behalf of the CfAL Board of Directors, we are pleased to let you know that Microsoft has awarded CfAL a grant to start up a new program called “Innovative Pathways to Information Technology” (IPTI).

This new program is designed to attract and motivate New Haven Public School’s high school students to enter a pathway that leads to schools of higher education, with degrees in computer science, and or jobs in computer science and Information Technology. This goal will be achieved by teaching underserved students to program, starting with designing and developing websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and Java.

Instruction will be in-classroom led by a talented instructor experienced in designing and developing websites using programming applications as mentioned above. The curriculum introduces students to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites.

It is exciting that Microsoft has chosen to partner with CfAL in implementing the new IPTI program.


CfAL Board of Directors