For Students

Technology Masters

This program is intended to enrich the education of 2nd through 4th grade students by teaching them a variety of topics related to technology and academic subjects.

Summer Math Stars

This is a summer program that is designed to improve the math literacy of under performing 3rd through 5th grade students who need intervention in improving their math knowledge and skills.

How to Start Your Own Business

This is a summer program that is designed to teach 13 to 17 year old students how to start their own business.

For Adults and Caregivers 

Technology & Computer Training Program

Can you imagine life without a computer to do school work? Students in impoverished urban neighborhoods, who do not have access to a computer at home, are at a distinct disadvantage, making it much more difficult to compete and succeed in school and in life!  Their parents often lack computer knowledge to be able to help their children with learning at home. Yet, for many low-income school children living in impoverished urban communities, owning a computer has only been a dream. They are part of the “digital divide”, the gap between their more affluent classmates who possess regular access to technology, namely computers and access to the internet, and those who do not.

Concepts for Adaptive Learning‘s solution is called the Technology Cascade & Training Program. The program gives computer training, a gently used computer and technical support to disadvantaged parents of public school students living in Hamden, Meriden and New Haven. The goals of the program are to extend learning beyond the classroom, increase parents’ involvement in their children’s education at home ,and eliminate the technology gap that exists for disadvantaged families.

Since computers and the Internet have assumed such a central role in our schools, workplaces and homes, computer literacy has become perhaps the most important skill for adults and children alike. A working knowledge of computers is the key to accessing advanced educational opportunities and higher paying jobs.

Components of the program include:

  • Acquiring gently used working computers from Connecticut companies and universities
  • Installing the same software on these computers as the children use at school
  • Installing computers in homes of underserved parents who complete 10 hours of training
  • Training parents how to use the computer to help their children with education at home
  • Providing on-going technical support
  • Providing a bi-lingual instructor for parents who do not speak English
  • On-going assessment as to the impact the computer is having on helping the parents with their children’s education

Digital Literacy for Early Learners

The DLEL program starts with a basic premise that “All Parents Want Their Children to be Successful”, and parenting is the single most important determinant of a child’s school readiness and success in kindergarten and all grade levels thereafter.

Unfortunately, Connecticut has the largest achievement gap in the country and this gap is most pervasive in CT’s largest cities with a large number of low-income and poor families. Too many of the parents in these families do not understand the benefits of parent engagement, and technology resources available to encourage early education.

The ages from birth to five are the most critical in the growth and development of young children.  From early brain development to pre-kindergarten, these earliest years lay the foundation for future academic success.  Exposing children to positive learning environments and increased parental involvement contributes to their ability to learn and succeed in school and life.

To help parents close the school readiness and achievement gap in Connecticut, CfAL works with schools, libraries and other collaborative partners to deliver the Digital Literacy for Early Learners. The workshop teaches families how to use technology as a tool to expand learning beyond to the home.

All programs are FREE to participants.  
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