Dear Viewers:

We are very pleased to inform you that The Prosperity Foundation will CfAL sustain the Digital Literacy for Early Learners, “A Primer for Parents” program (DLEL) with a $1,500 grant award.

The DLEL program has been designed to increase disadvantaged parents’ awareness of the benefit of early learning, and help them engage in educating their children, age birth to 5, so their children can start kindergarten with the critical skills they’ll need to learn and succeed in school. The program combines platform instruction, along with detailed instruction and discussion about use of Libraries and engaging early learner educational websites targeted for each specific age level from birth to 5. There is heavy emphasis on reading to your child and enrolling your child in PreK education.

The goal:  Children from disadvantaged families are prepared and ready to learn and succeed when entering/starting school.

We are very thankful to The Prosperity Foundation for this grant and, and its support for CfAL and disadvantaged public school children’s education in New Haven, CT.


CfAL Board of Directors